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Did you know that according to sources, 1 billion people use instagram mostly and they
spend an average of 28 minutes per day on the app! Fascinating isn't it? More than 3.8
billion people are active in social media during 2020 and it is always rising. Therefore, we
might as well create our own solid community

Our aim is to focus on the awareness and virality of your brand and build a bridge between
your brand and customers. We will help you to create a big impact on your campaign and
strategize, through influencer marketing, to catch the right audience. We not only have
Indonesian influencers, but we have different influencers from across Southeast Asia such
as Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand which allows you to build your brand
around Southeast Asia



Discuss with us your campaign plans and
objectives in order to hit the right audience.

Influencer Selecting

Influencer Selecting

You may select your preferred influencers
based on our recommendation.

Post-Campaign Report

Post-Campaign Report

Track everything so you know where your
traffic is coming from. We will manage your
social media accounts to establish your online social media.

Post-Campaign Report

We work with
Rising and Popular Influencers

We work with all types of influencers from micro KOLs, alphas until celebrities to fulfill your campaign objectives.

Andre Taulany

Arief Muhammad

Atta Halilintar

Maria Vania


Naisa Alifia

Nia Ramadhani

Raffi dan Nagita

Ria Ricis