Social media is undoubtedly the most desired online platform for businesses, whether they have B2B (Business to business) or B2C (Business to consumer) purposes. It is not a secret that social media management is a part of digital marketing, even some core ideas of digital marketing should be executed alongside proper social media management. Therefore, brands should capitalize this advantage by hiring social media managers for their brands.

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The common role of a social media manager is to schedule contents that are going to be posted. In addition, they also reply to comments and DMs (direct messages). This would increase the engagement of a brand’s social media account. Apart from that, they can also answer customers’ queries, therefore they also fulfil the duty of customer service. 

Social media managers need to be able to resonate with your brand image and the social media platform that your brand is utilizing. An example of this case would be a financial consultant company that uses LinkedIn as a social media platform. The fitting social media manager would be someone who is able to be reserved and professional when reaching out to the brand’s target audiences. 

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Another example would be a clothing brand that sets Gen Z (young teenagers) as their target audiences. The selected social media manager should be able to utilize TikTok since the social media platform is packed with Gen Z users. In addition, the brand’s TikTok contents should be able to resonate with the brand image while still being seen as ‘relatable’ to Gen Z users. For instance, the social media manager can hop on a TikTok trend or use a famous audio.

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